Gandalf Consulting Ltd.
Environmental Consulting Services


Why Gandalf?

Finding innovative, cost-effective solutions to complex environmental issues.

1190 Melville St. Suite 500, Vancouver, BC, (604) 633-2750


Who we are

Gandalf offers a variety of environmental consulting services ranging from contaminated sites work to Approved Professional reviews.

Clients include industry, government, land owners, and developers.


What we do

Gandalf has the knowledge, skills, personnel, and resources to address the multitude of complex environmental issues encountered in a variety of industries.

Clients of Gandalf will find committed, professionally certified staff willing to work closely with their clients to meet the objectives and timelines dictated by the business goals.

  • A highly experienced President and Principal, Mr. Bob Symington, Hydrogeologist
  • Designated as a Professional Geologist (P.Geo.) in British Columbia and licensed Hydrogeologist in Washington State
  • Contaminated Sites Approved Professional
  • A small, focused company committed to its clients' objectives